Jean In  Palma 2007 just before diagnosis

Jean Rabone and bowel cancer



On this page you will find a collection of well wishes from 'our readers'

Whilst we may not have time to thank you all personally it goes without saying that your thoughts and kindness are much appreciated.

10/11/09 Hi Guys

Just a line to you both to say that Bas and I are thinking about you lots !
We add our offer of anything we can do for either of you - please do not hesitate to call us.
Big hug to you both
Love  Pip xx
04/11/09 Hi Jeannie,

I hope I did not upset you too much this afternoon ringing at that sensitive moment but I have been thinking about you quite often these few weeks especially since we last talked.

I know our paths have gone in different directions over the years but you are still my cuz and I love you as anyone of my family. I will keep in touch with you by E.Mail but you can ring me anytime if you need just to talk or cry and I will let you because we all need to let our feelings out at some time otherwise we would just fester inside.

I think I see more now since Jackie left me and I certainly feel more acutely so things should never be left unsaid.

I read something the other day and it might help in some way

Grief breaks our hearts wide open and in the midst of our despair there is often a sense of exhilaration somehow bursting through
the veil of life. Droplets of blistering clarity illuminate before you. Like you've been given the map that you have searched for your
whole life. Suddenly bits of the picture make sense and you can see straight through to the truth in a way that would otherwise have
taken years.

Look at all the love around you, you are a good person accept these difficulties are a part of life at the moment and don't give up.

All my love Chrissie xxx
02/11/09 Big mistake Rabsy I now have another way to contact you and drive you crazy. Just wanted to say hi, thinking of you and love you both loads, got so many well wishes for you that people have asked me to pass on over the weeks and I keep forgetting so thought I'd jot them down just so you know what a rubbish friend I am and how bad a memory I've got:

Ian and Julie, James, Jen, Russ, Jill Williams, Chris, Phil, Karen, Anna, Jackie, Doug, Paul Dalton, Rachel and Mick, Rae Scivitar, Sue and Pete Doyle, Lynn, My Mum, Uncle Dennis and Barbara, Cousin Liz, Cousin Barry, Mick and Rachel, Karen and Geoff, Fiona Mc, Fiona, Mandy (Ed you forgot chaos the cat)

on and on it goes and I'm sure I've left some out but guess just wanted you to know how much everyone loves you (not so sure they know quite how grumpy you can be Mr R ha ha - only joking wouldn't change a hair on your head (lol) - see I can type bad too.

Love you loads Jeannie, catch you later for a chin wag xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
30/10/09 I am a friend of Paulines here in Australia. I have kept up with your progress from Pauline so I thought I would like to send you my best wishes and we are thinking of you here down under. Jane
26/10/09 Our best wishes to a very special lady who is an inspiration to us all, not forgetting 'Mr Grumpy' who shares all the highs and lows but, nevertheless, throughout, both, have managed to retain their unique sense of humour.

Love & Best Wishes, Pauline & Bob XXX.
24/10/09 Hi sis first email to you ever, great to see you today looking good, sorry got Mom's apple pie before you. Nice to see a smile on your face again, god I wish I had your sense of humour. Steve best brother in law I could wish for, (thanks Ian cheques in the post)  took me b hour to do this you have dragged me into this century at last. Long live the Rubbettes Ian
22/10/09 22 years! you have put up with that rambling for 22 years? A Medal ? You deserve Mother Theresa's perseverance award, if there is such a thing.

Rabonen, a very special lady and Steve your dedicated Hubby, thinking of you both.

All our love & best wishes the Kerinssssssssssssssss.
22/10/09 Hi Aunty Jean
I've sent you a couple of emails previously, but may not have had the right address, so at least this way i now get to talk to you!
I just wanted to tell you that I'm thinking of you both, and love you both very much, even though uncle Steve sent that awful picture of me to my friends!!!! (and my boss I might add)
I might be a few miles away from you, but if i can ever do anything for you, please ask!

Hope to see and speak to you very soon, as its been quite some time!

Love & Best wishes
Becky xxx
20/10/09 Hi Gorgeous
At last Mr Grumpy has allowed us to communicate directly with you. I understand that he is vetting all correspondence so this will reduce the range of double entendre and lewd suggestion I could use.
Having read the blog avidly with fingers and toes crossed hoping for improvement and alleviation of the discomfort. Though we are far away in a very small way we are living this too.
You have had a pretty torrid time of it all and we are so sorry for you. It should not happen to any one let alone someone who is such a vivacious and lovely friend.
I have been giving it some thought but I do not think that this is punishment for pinching strangers' bottoms in the P&O departure lounge.
I hope this gets through the censor but knowing my usual lack of tact, it is quite likely that I have screwed it up.
Chin Up, you are always in our thoughts
Loads of Love
Ruscombe and Lynne
20/10/09 Thanks v much for an email address - wanted one for a while as much less intrusive than phoning.
Thanks again for all good work on the site - really appreciate being able to keep up to date.
Sorry to hear that transfusion did not have desired effect. 
Obviously all very best wishes to you and Jean and don't forget we are just round the corner if you get stuck for anything - shopping etc
Love from Rachel and Russell
20/10/09 Hi Jean ,we have followed your progress via the web site since the beginning. And have also had updates from Hilary from time to time. Hope your anniversary went o.k. It doesn't seem 22 yrs. Steve you are so lucky to have such a plucky wife who I know will never give up. Tony and Paula.